Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

This is a day that we honor those that we love who served and who gave their all for our freedom. It is a day that is special to my heart as there are so many in my family who have served. Gary's Dad served in the Navy in WWII and we miss him so much. We honor is memory and can't wait to see him again!

After decoarting the graves, we went for a spur of the moment picnic in the canyons. Here I am with my best friend, my companion, my sweetheart, my soulmate Gary. We make a pretty cute couple still after 32 years, huh?

And speaking of pretty cute... here is my daughter and I ... I love her and I think that she is just about the most beautiful young lady that I have ever seen!

Here is Justin ( under protest ) smiling for me so that I can take his picture. Thanks Justin for humoring your mom... I loved it!

And last of all... my hottie movie star daughter... She's darling!

Thanks for the wonderful day! I loved every second and this will be time well spent in my memory bank. I can't wait to make more wonderful memories... I was missing Josh and Jared. Maybe next time we will all be together!

Happy Birthday My Sweet 16 Beauty... !

Jenna's sweet 16 balloons that were sent to school for a surprise!

Jenna and her balloons

What is this??? Yes!!! A tinkerbelle key chain for what???? Her first set of car keys!

Her Tinkerbelle seat covers!

Her Tink steering wheel cover!
I can't believe that my baby girl is 16 all ready! And ... gulp... driving! She got a new ( very used ) car. Her brother Justin has been building this car from the ground up and now we only need to have a paint job on her Saturn. We've asked her if she wanted to have her picture taken by her new car... and she said... um.. not till it's painted! Happy Birthday baby girl.... Happy Sweet 16!!
more to come... in part 2!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here you go Jill~

So, my friend Jill saw my post about my first 5K. She was there with me but I didn't get any photos taken with her. However, I did take one of her team and posted it with my others on facebook. She gave me a load of crap for not putting her photo on my blog... So here it is Jill!!! For all of you who want to know which one she is, she's the one in the pink sweater!!! You are officially on my blog now....

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Special Mother's Day

So, this year has been such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I ran my first 5K ( see post below). But my real Mother's Day began even before that. It began on Wednesday night. I had my RS presidency meeting and Gary wouldn't let me go. He was stalling and wouldn't give me my keys, etc... Justin and him were trying to get me to skip my meeting. Finally, I was getting angry and he told me that Jared had a special gift for me and that I had to stay there for it. A little while later, this darling girl comes to our door. Gary asks her in and she comes to ask me if I am Jared's MaMa... I told her that I was.... She said that she had a special gift for me. She lives in Metz, France, where Jared is serving right now. Her family feeds the missionaries weekly, and she got the opportunity to be a foreign exchange student and come to America..... She is staying with a family , where??? Tooele!!! Of all of the places in America that she could have came to, it was Tooele Utah. When Jared found out that she was coming here, he wrote a special Mother's Day letter for me in French and had her translate it for me. It was just beautiful. I cried the whole time she was reading it. I could not believe that this beautiful young lady would take time out of her schedule and do this for a missionary's family, especially his mom. She told me that Jared told her that I would cry when I saw her... and he was right!!! She told me that he is so good and that he is wonderful and that he loves me so much. I loved her visit with us. She stayed almost 2 hours. I want her to come back. She likes to scrapbook, and says that it's so expensive in France. You can be sure that before she goes home, I will fill her bag with lots of supplies to scrapbook with. We even gave her Mountain Dew ( Jared said that she needed to experience that and Root Beer!) She really liked the Mtn Dew. She was just darling.

On Sunday, we had a wonderful day. Gary made me my fav breakfast snack, and that was followed by my all new favorite items, Willow Tree figurines. Then church, and we left after Sacrament to get our phone call. Justin and Jenna made sure that I had a wonderful lunch, and Josh had to work all night and he called wished me a Happy Mother's Day and gave me a wonderful facebook greeting before he went to sleep. The long awaited phone call was amazing and I loved every second of our hour and 15 minute phone call. Jared sounded so good. It was wonderful to hear his voice. It was the best possible medicine for my heart. Then we watched a great movie and I had a scrumptious dinner. I was full, happy and satisfied. And isn't that what it's all about??? Being a mom is the best job that I've ever had. It's the only thing that I've ever wanted to do... and I'm in love with all of my kids. It's the best job in the whole world!

My First 5K!!

I did my first 5K for Race for the Cure last Saturday... I loved it!!! I did it for a special Mother's Day gift for my mom... I hope that she loved it.... I know she was watching from Heaven. We ate breakfast first. Thanks Patti and Tyma for your support!!! Patti (middle) is a breast cancer survivor herself. Way To Go Patti! My goal was to finish... not try to be first or even in the middle... just to finish... And I Did It!!!!!
This is my friend Lynne and I before the race. I was still cold - hence the jacket.
Tyma and I.

Patti and I

Our director Amie was there to support us as well. It was an experience that I will never forget. I am so excited that I got to have that experience. I had my mom's picture with me and when I crossed the finish line, it was very emotional for me. I loved every second of it. To think that I've never done this before... it was qute an accomplishment for me. It was a wonderful way to honor my mom and I hope that she was proud of me finishing! Happy Mother's Day Mom... I love and miss you!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catchng Up

So many things have been going on lately... I think it's called LIFE! My blog, however, has suffered. So I will try to catch up on the news that has been happening to the Walch Family!

First off......

Hunter Adam Walch is going to join the Walch clan on or around August 30th. We are so excited to have a new member of our family and we are so excited to be Nana and Papa. We can't wait to get to hold this little angel from Heaven and he will be one of our greatest blessings. I am sure that he will be one of the cutest babies that have ever come down from Heaven ( okay... I may be a little bit biased.. but that is my opinion!!)


We have less than 300 days before I get to hug my missionary son. I can't wait for that day. The first year seemed to drag by, but the second one has been going faster. I am excited that he has been out for 15 months and we will be able to talk to him next month for Mother's Day. I look forward to the day when he is home for good.


So, my Twilight Lovin , Team Edward Fan Daughter who can't STAND Jacob. LOVES NEW MOON and is going to be 16 in a few weeks and that means dating! Ugh!! I am not sure that I am ready for that to happen. She's so cute... ( here I go with the biased opinions again...sorry, can't help it!) And so I think that the boys will be knocking down the door. She all ready has them in line I think. Her newest 'beau' is David and she thinks that he is just the best thing ever!!! Another thing that I am very proud of her for is this.......
She has earned her Young Women's Medallion. Actually, both JENNA AND I have earned our medallion. She was finished long before I was and she waitied for me so that we could get it together in Sacrament meeting. I love her for achieving that objective. She is now working on getting her honor bee. We do, however, have both of our medallions in silver instead of gold. I am very proud of her... just like when Jared got his Duty To God. It was a nice day... And it was one of the paydays of being a mom.

We have finished Jenna's room. It looks so pretty in brown and pink. Her giant bed takes us most of the room but it is totally her and she is very excited to have all of this space to spread out! I will post pics later when she has her bed made and her room straightened. She went to the temple today with her Young Womens for baptisms. What a good girl....!

Jared has been promoted to District Leader and is over the missionaries ( Elders and Sisters) in his district. We are loving hearing about all of his successes and adventures ... and we can't wait to go pick him up in 9 months!

Well, I think that I have updated everything that has gone on I think in our family. I will try to be better at keeping this up to date. Until next time my friends......

Sunday, February 7, 2010

She's SOOO Happy... Me... not so much!

So, after much persuading on her part, Jenna finally convinced me to let her cut her hair. She was so excited, but I had to leave the salon ecause I cried when she cut 14 more inches off her hair! She is so happy and I do have to say that she looks just darling. She made me a deal that she won't cut her hair again until after she graduates, so we will see if we stick to the deal. I want her hair to be long for her Senior pictures!
Here is the finished product... she's adorable if I do say so myself! I am excited to see her so happy with her braces off and her contacts in and her hair cut. She's such a darling girl !!!I love her alot!